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A. Paschal 'Yobi’ Blumberg
4 min readMar 19, 2022

For The Sagittarians, The Seekers and Guardians of Truth

My first oil painting as an adult, Jake the Dog, 2014

Let me be clear: many of the astrological offerings are pure hack bots searching for your dollars. However, science has dismissed the precise pattern identifications that gravity wells imprint on the just born human who has left its shock-absorbed Womb.

I sometimes joke that these “Preemies” in the last trimester, pictured as incredibly adorable naked babies that you watch in this cartoon that emphasizes the infants with the mom’s visible but blurry on the edge of the screen. They chat in perfectly ordinary, everyday speech psychically to each other, then, in suddenly hushed tones, whisper to each other that Sal went south the other day. There one day, gone the next. Flushed through the hole of DEATH. Despite rumors of a tunnel of light and existence after the Womb, no one was coming back and telling them anything, so they had all kinds of theories regarding what may or may not exist ‘outside of the womb,’ but they were precisely that, theories.

What I want you to take from that is that the answers to our questions are all around us, but we cannot see them clearly without understanding the context of our lives. We must have a common platform of shared understanding to communicate with each other. Something uniform, simple, and familiar enough that we can all have the same knowledge to build anything worthwhile within our lives.

There is an understanding that informs us of what can only be called the Truth of Human life. It is logical, valid, and evident in Nature. In fact, the basic dynamic patterns in life are everywhere once you accept the Truth for yourself, but don’t trust me in that. Go find it, see it for yourself. Accept nothing less, and don’t let anyone dissuade you. You are enough, and your part in life has priceless value.

As I had begun to say, scientists should take the time to suss out the scientific patterns in astrology. For us Saggitarians, the pattern for today indicates that:

Today, you may be feeling more tension than usual. This is an excellent time to go inward and figure out why certain events may be emotionally triggering you.~The Pattern App

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