Bravo! Well done Mr, Hammons! I was given to know through an associate professor who worked the night shift with me fro Sloveniam that there is a cadre of historians who have learned to not publicise and instruct authority on the nature of their finds, if significan. Hidden History he named it back in 1997. Finally confirmation! I too am a historian, applied anthropoliogist, design scientist, and Pilgrim-on-Point, combing through the patterns of historical behavior and in the story of us. A lifetime identifying the basic patterns hat inform our internal, external, our subjective, and collective lives.

I have been working on a research paper demonstrating the evidence for the Human Collective and our inherent ties to one another within this closed system we call Earth. There are indications that the Human Collective, and all that entails, might have been coherent in the past. Why did the collective collapse? There is evidence of the meter being used thousands of years ago. Theren was a period of time over 5000 years, the Magdalenian, with nary a piece of evidence to support violent wars occuring. A hand buried temple complex that has all the smacking of a message in a temple sent to the future to do exactly that, warn us. The folks in a position to know feel that in order to save the human race, they must keep that knowledge to themselves, keep us distracted while they extract every single resource possible, removed into their bunkers,an to make virtual avatars of us to ease their guilt when they eventually close the doors on the rest of us and wish us good luck in the coming reduction.

A history book published in 1964 has been released, with more than 200 pages redacted from it named The Story of Adam of Eve appears to support this as well. Indicating that this has happened many, many times in the past. Recall all of the leaders making a trek to Antarctica one at a time over a period of months in 2015/2016? Where there is smoke, there is fire. Let me tell ya, I lived through an entire day in orange in 2020. I have never seen the like, preferred indoors, and never wish to see it again.

By the way, in 2029 Apophos will pass close enough to the Earth, which is a bog mother of an rock, to take out many of the highes layer of satellites. Wake up folks, I would rather face what is coming together, than die in ignorance. OIur children cursing the day they were born that our arrogant elite felt only they were worthy to live since they had the resources and the knowledge and we do not. They might as well have murdered the rest of us personally.

All of the apocolpyse movies always start with he government knowing, and being forced to tell everyone jus before it was too late, or just after. Think anyone is trying to tell us something??

Just a West Texan on extended tour of the Human Collective's stirrings. More at, don't forget to subscribe!

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A. Paschal 'Yobi’ Blumberg

Just a West Texan on extended tour of the Human Collective's stirrings. More at, don't forget to subscribe!