Do I Exist If I’m Not Thinking About Myself?

Whoever asked this question, you are our hero for the moment, and a small part of me might actually be in love with the part of you that got your fingers moving!

A. Paschal 'Yobi’ Blumberg
2 min readApr 8, 2022


Try as we might, no matter how earnestly we endeavor to not think, we inevitably end up thinking about not thinking!

Sabrina and Yobi capturedd one of our recent attempts at “un-being”.

It reminds me of the flight lessons of my youth, where my 1st lesson was to understand that the art of flying REALLY resides in one’s ability to throw themselves at the ground, and miss.

I was an abject failure.

More extra strength garbage bags, even if they are attached to shoulders, all the ‘kid logical’ body parts, or gripped in believing fingers, never equated to any slower decent from the roof of my home, than the previous attempts.

My partner entertained no such ‘illogical’ fantasies in her youth, but I can carry her away in my overabundant enthusiasm from time to time. It was with this aforementioned enthusiasm by which we strove to go from:

  • “I think, therefore I am,” to,
  • “I do not think, and therefore I am not”

It was a sight here in our little Airstream home, not 20 minutes hence, where we made the attempt to “un-be”.

We are sorry to say, it was unsuccessful. It is with heavy heart we report this to our reader family. Please do not think less of us, and know, if some adventurous reader succeeds, that you do so on the shoulders of giants.


Post Script: Sabrina respectfully submits that she is not a giant, and that she did not have high hopes for success. If one thinks of the statement “I think, therefore I am.” as a conditional statement, “If I think, then I am”, the inverse statement, “If I do not think, then I am not.” would not necessarily be expected to be true. Similarly, the converse, “If I am, then I think.” need not be true, as any inanimate object could attest (well; maybe not; that being the point). However, the contrapositive should be true: “If I am not, then I do not think.”



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