Holy Freakin’ Rice-A-Roni Batman!

Ok, Medium, I’ll Bite!

I have a rare Run-On Sentence Impairment when flummoxed!

Perhaps I missed the Luddite Revolution due to the eccentric, and reactionary Medium policy, pictured above, that has kept me, your Yobi, your Pilgrim-on-Point, from providing you, the readers, the very reason I write at all [right behind my own reasons], with the in-depth coverage of all things around and within me that provide the vital fuel your mind, yes, your gibbering little madman, or woman, that you keep hidden way down deep, no deeper,….DEEPER…that’s better…in the depths of the cockerels of your heart!

My sincere apologies. The policy likely resulted from general consternation at the consistent use of mobile devices to author articles. I have VERY fat thumbs you see, and a malicious auto-correct that works like crap for me, but beautifully for Google’s transcription service that is always, and I mean always, listening. Keywords keyed for just the phrase or combination of words that will bring sudden re-routes to 22-mile dead-ends, unaccountable service disconnects, or seemingly unrelated technical issues at every turn. I do have some articles to share, yet every time I went to share them, Medium was staring down its long, patrician nose at me, wagging a tail, and ignoring me. Tech has a knack for making its harassment of you seem like just the perfect storm of exceptions that are likely only happening to you, even though they have branched out and gotten damn petty lately. Tell me you haven’t had issues lately, you truth speakers and love bringers? Even Burning Man is in a tiff ever since it sold out entirely, commodified, and acts like feedback is only there to identify the troublemakers for termination. Like anyone would bother with feedback if they didn’t care. Weirdos.

I am in the middle of a few commissions, and submissions, Shaggy should be an official service animal next Tuesday, we have discovered a very large number of people associate ‘artists’ with crackhead no matter what you say. If you are middle-aged, friendly, and disheveled in the least, then they judge you and find a way to blame you for their exclusion of you from their presence. I am debt free, own my 2017 airstream and Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel Engine, and I pay my bills. Doesn’t matter! All private corporations may discriminate against my service animal, my service-connected disability, and me, frankly. I have been booted by Denny’s for giving my dog water while paying for my meal. The cops came and said, this is a private business go away. I had the cops called because my shade triangles, which cost a couple of hundred dollars LOOK like tarps, and the county doesn’t allow tarps because that means you are homeless. That you HATE work. YOU actively work to hoodwink everybody and live off others’ hard-earned tax money. I had a pastor literally close his door on my face while saying he was my friend. I had shown up with ice cream for him and asked him to go on a walk around the block. Nope!

My partner and I make $7k between us. We refuse to contribute to the criminally insanely high manipulate housing and rental rates. They are inflated by real estate agents through MLS who then pretend it is the ‘free markets’ fault. My bank, Wells Fargo, whom I have been with since 1995 called to tell me they were closing my accounts because I did not have a permanent address. I asked them what they did for remote workers. They don’t care. I don’t conform to their arbitrary application of rules, so I have 3 days till they are shut down.

OK! Enough of that. I have several good articles coming your way, I have had several podcasts published, and I am making a lot of art and working on the animation pitch reel to bring in more animators and interested parties for the Struggle Between. Here are some pic updates:



Just a West Texan on extended tour of the Human Collective's stirrings. More at https://eschatch.transistor.fm, don't forget to subscribe!

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A. Paschal 'Yobi’ Blumberg

Just a West Texan on extended tour of the Human Collective's stirrings. More at https://eschatch.transistor.fm, don't forget to subscribe!