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We Ought to Take A Hard Look at “Our” Government Before More Die

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

That Digital Hand Grenade Your Holding? It Might Just Change Everything

Graphic Design by Adrian P.Y. Blumberg
  • I’m not to shabby of a reader. You might actually enjoy listening to the article!

“Think BIGGER when you truly consider what Bitcoin is? Are you there…

A Story About Truth, Companionship, and The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  • Audio Reading may be heard here *
Orig art by Yobi

An Appeal from The Collective to Itself

Jose Murrilo on Unplash

WE are Earth, and Our Garden does not seem well.

Eden cries out, that it is not hidden,

Nor lost.

Eden wants to be seen under Our feet, felt in Our blackening lungs,

In the unnatural grit in Our teeth when we drink,

And in other deep places, Of which,

And other fiction exorcisms that reflect the pain of fiction in fact.

My own photo of beauty drained.

Le sigh…Well, bless your heart!!

Where my skills started to finally “dial in” by Yobi, BRC, NV 2015

We all gotta start somewhere…


Birth is a life sentence on death row, yet we are all connected. I am a Pilgrim, Trail Finder, Thrice Broken, a Son of THE Man, Prodigal Son, & Last Found

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